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Callaway RAZR X HL Irons Review

Overview -

Taking accuracy, distance and forgiveness to new highs, the RAZR X HL Irons have a low centre of gravity so you can launch shots higher, even on impacts low on the clubface, so golf balls fly consistently longer and land softer on the greens!

Callaway RAZR X HL Features -

The RAZR X HL irons feature a wide, confidence-inspiring sole designed to promote smooth turf interaction. The cast, stainless steel design has a low centre of gravity, making the sweet spot more accessible lower on the clubface where many amateurs tend to strike the ball. This results in longer, more accurate and more consistent shots.

The Callaway RAZR X HL irons have a fully integrated undercut cavity system. This cavity in the back of the clubface allowed Callaway engineers to position the centre of gravity specifically for each iron, maximising ball speed throughout the set. The medallion on the back of the clubhead is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and aluminum, and is designed to fine-tune the sound and feel of the RAZR X HL iron.

Callaway RAZR X HL Irons Video -

Player Feedback -

“The look is very attractive and easy to line up. The offset is just the right amount.” . . . “The hybrid goes like a driver, and the irons have a better sound on mis-hits than the others.”

“The clubs are much workable than my last set. I will recommend the clubs to all my friends.”

Pros -

  • Playability: Easy to hit high and straight; large, heavy head bulldozes its way through rough; rounded sole resists digging.
  • Accuracy/Forgiveness: Does a great job limiting sidespin and keeping shots in play.
  • Distance: Off-center hits fly almost as far as good ones; shots into greens check up well.
  • Feel: Soft, powerful, compressed feel on flush hits; head provides stability and little aftershock on poor hits.
  • Look: Meaty head gives you confidence that the ball will pop out from any lie; with its two white grooves, the face is easy to aim.

Cons -

The club’s straight to natural draw flight makes it difficult for some testers to manufacture left-to-right shots; the bulky look, thickish topline and progressive offset don’t suit everyone’s eye.

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